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My brother bought that Doublethink

  It is an overplayed cliché to compare governmental overreach and abuse to George Orwell’s seminal Nineteen Eighty-Four . Indeed, when the serious political point one is trying to make has its own Know Your Meme subdirectory , it might be arrogantly ignoring fate to bull-headedly press on. It should come to no surprise to the regular reader that with the piling on of yet more police scrutiny onto the whistleblower of MACC Chief Commissioner YBhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Haji Azam bin Baki’s apparent shareholdings; we have prepared some thoughts regarding how Orwellian the Malaysian state apparatus has been in its handling of the entire ‘Azamgate’ fracas. The Force of Law & Thoughtcrime Explicitly without implying fault, criticism, or forejudgement; Azam’s MYR 10 Million defamation suit against the whistleblower could be argued to bear many of the hallmarks of a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation ( SLAPP suit ). SLAPP suits are typically employed as a legal tactic, an